Nothing in aviation is more critical than safety.
Safety management systems are becoming the most important development in aviation since CRM. Establishing a safety program does not have to be an expensive and time-consuming process.  You just need the right tools and a straightforward path on how to get there.
We specialize in helping smaller and mid-sized aviation companies implement and manage safety programs.


Safety Management System (SMS)

The importance of having an SMS cannot be overstated. We give you the structure to run your SMS and the step by step instructions on how to get it up and running.


We use elements of our linqCORE, linqFORMS and linqLMS systems to design our Safety Management System.  Our system is designed in accordance with FAA Part 5 and ICAO requirements. It is a perfect fit for our clients.

SMS Manual


This is a critical piece for your SMS but it should not be generic.  We start with a template and help you develop your organizational procedures that make up the SMS Manual.

SMS Employee Reporting


We start with template for safety report and invite you to design any particular questions you want to know.  Our reporting system is web-based and can be accessed from anywhere (with an internet connection) with any device.  We also have the critical feature that allows administrators to edit forms for confidentiality.

SMS Reporting and Training


Our dashboard gives immediate information to administrators regarding report status. Reporting is comprehensive with the ability to isolate on specific information when required. Identify trends and develop controls.
Add our e-learning module as a way to facilitate training as well as developing communication.

FAA Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)

Our FAA approved ASAP management program is one of a kind.  It starts with the standard template for ASAP reporting but adds the ability for clients to design additional data collection from their employees.
One size does not fit all.  Important because your ASAP reporting can become part of your SMS but only if you have the ability to make it custom to your operation.
Many options in the market do not allow that or charge lots of money to customize.  Not Aviation Linq.

Additional Safety Reports

Get information that is important to your operation. Use linqSAFETY to design critical reports such as:
  • Fatigue Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • OSHA Reporting
  • Hazmat Issues
  • Employee Safety Suggestions
  • and more