This is our content management system (CMS) that starts the entire process.
It is the "backside" or administrative side of your system that holds your users, history, records, database and administrator dashboard.

Key Features

Manage all of your employees from one system. 


Update and modernize your current processes.
Become more efficient and protect your records.
We are a SaaS product. Fancy talk for you pay month to month.
Pick the software you need. Don't "buy" a system and only use 55% of it.

No need to jump through hoops to start


Web Based - No need for IT
Supports the majority of browsers including IE, Safari and Firefox
Runs on any device with internet connection
Full Customer Support
Product Upgrades included in monthly fee

Manage any employees including:


Ground Personnel
Flight Attendants
Instructors/Check Airman

User Management

Add users with a simple click of a button or import users from your current files. View history by simply clicking on the user.


Users log in and out with a strong, secure password.  Our Core system comes with an SSL certificate automatically.

Roles and Permissions

A powerful and unique feature within linqCORE.  Limit employees to access with specific roles and capabilities depending on their job requirements. Chief Pilot, ASAP manager, Safety Manager, etc.

What your linqCORE system includes:

This is the basis of your system. It includes the following as part of your monthly fee:

Administrator Training

Although our system is very intuitive, we train all your administrators

Full Support

We are your IT department.  We pride ourselves on quick response times with support and service.

Product Upgrades

All of our products include software updates free as part of the monthly fee

linqCORE holds administrative functionality for your plugins




Create courses, lessons and topics. Design quizzes and track results. Assign courses to trainees.




Accessible only through an administrator login. Manage records, update qualifications and view the current status of your employees.




Create and design forms.  Manage and view submissions. Access the form reporting dashboard.




Manage safety through collection of data. Create safety forms. Manage SMS and ASAP programs.