About Us

Short Story

Having been in aviation over 25 years and struggling to manage processes, we were determined to design products for aviation departments that would be simple to use, flexible and does what it is designed to do.  At Aviation Linq, we have accomplished that. The nice thing is you don't have to take our word for it, we invite you to try our solutions for free.

Long Story

We focus on business aviation. Here's why:


We've been there. We took great notes. 


Online tools exist out there in the market that help streamline operations and most importantly keep you out of trouble. Problem is, most don't understand the aviation business. That's where we step in.


We work with business aviation organizations because we have spent 25 years in those operations and understand them.  We know what a 135.293 checkride is and that ASAP does not stand for "as soon as possible".


Simply put, most software for managing aviation looks nice but is too expensive and complicated.  Often, not enough value and difficult to learn.


In our experience, you're probably not worth their time if you only have 35 users. We specialize in organizations of that size.


Every company is unique. Small organizations require flexibility when it come to software.  Purchase what you need and design it for your requirements.


That's us in a nutshell.




Our Philosophy

  • We are all about experience, knowledge, relationships and modern products.
  • It's better to have a few clients that we know by name than hundred we know nothing about.
  • We create products we think will fit our market and your organization well but we do not over promise.
  • We pay for the 30 day trial (database, website, system. everything). If it helps you manage your department, great. If not, that's okay too. We understand.
  • If you already have software that manages your operation well, we are honestly thrilled for you. Nothing more to say other than we invite you to subscribe to our articles.

Jason Keith is the founder and managing director of Aviation Linq.

Jason has over 25 years as a professional pilot including serving as Director of Training for one of the nation’s largest Part 135 airlines and flying government officials for the State of Ohio.  He holds type ratings in LR-JET and BE-300 aircraft and is certified by the US Department of Transportation in Safety Management.